Best robot toys for 6 year olds

Best Robot Toys For 6 Year Olds

Technology has occupied all of us, in every sphere of life, then why not kids can enjoy playtime with robotic toys. Picking up a toy to engage them for hours is challenging for kids of all ages. As there are many brands and a variety of toys available in the market, so select wisely.

Earlier the invention of remote control cars, gaming consoles were the top-notch trend for kids to enjoy. But now the time has changed from the dancing dolls to walky robots for kids to play with great fun.

Before making any investment over kids’ toys, best is to look for age recommendations to entertain toddlers. Keep an eye on safety, educational value, and innovative features as significant aspect while selecting the toys for infants and toddlers.

Today, we will be discussing over the best robot toys for 6 years old kids to uphold the child’s development. Below we have added some of the significant robotic playthings for kids of 6 years age and up. We hope our detailed reviewing will definitely help the parents to decide the quality toy for their kids’ educational learning and skill development.

The Latest 2020 Reviewing Over The Best Robot Toys For 6 Year Olds Kids

Boxer Interactive A.I Robot Toy

Best robot toys for 6 year olds

This particular Boxer Interactive A.I. Robot Toy is a high-tech gaming gear, and it delivers big fun. The A.I Bot comes with ten quirky gaming cards, which increase the entertainment activity for the kids.

With the use of bot cards, kids can enjoy games like blowing, paddle, go-kart. For more enjoyment, parents can download the Boxer app on the phone to maximize the funtime. The versatility and advancement come with multiple play modes.

As kids can use the remote control to race Boxer, or and even use hands to interact with A.I Robot. This boxer interactive gaming gear is smart as equipped with sensors to respond quickly while playing. This specific kid, A.I Robot by Boxer, is an incredible interactive toy for kids of 6 years and up. The bot robot is a smart play friend for kids to develop coordination and responsive skills.

The bot boxer robot comes with ten game activating feature cards, IR remote control, ball, and USB charging cable. It enables kids to drive and explore in different gaming ways and tricks, bringing adventure. The funny expressions and crisp sound responses make it a more interactive sensor toy for kids of the smart world.


  • It is a smart and advanced bot boxer A.I robot.
  • It helps in developing the personality and skills of kids while playing.
  • Playing cards can excite kids with easy learning.
  • Truly entertaining and expressive gaming gear.
  • Ideal for kids of 6-8 years.
  • Packed with micro USB charging, 3 LR44 batteries, ten gaming cards, IR remote control, and interactive ball.


  • The volume adjustment is not installed.

WowWee Chippies Robot Toy Dog

Best robot toys for 6 year olds

Chipper is really a prankster robotic dog that brings great fun and entertainment during kids’ playtime. It is a funny and giggly toy dog in blue who enables kids to laugh with playful activities.

This WowWee chippies toy dog is a fantastic interactive gaming gear, that can be controlled with remote as well.

This smart toy puppy is equipped with many playful tricks and can move the head in different directions, valuing the entertainment. The chipper toy dog is pre-installed with dog functions like sniffing, barking, kissing, and sneezing sounds.

The WowWee blue robot toy dog can be easily controlled with remote and can perform dog dance. It even makes kids laugh with singing and chasing activity. Kids can also play with rolling modes to explore more playing area as comes with infrared sensors. It is even designed with LED bright eyes, posable hind legs, wagging tail, and different dog activity sounds.


  • Funny robot dog that makes children laugh while playing.
  • Moves head in different directions.
  • In-build with various dogs barks, sniffs, kisses, and sneeze sounds.
  • Chipper dogs can dance, sing, and chase tail.
  • Installed with interactive sensors with intruder alert.
  • Ideal for kids from 4 to 15 years.
  • Use 4 AAA batteries and smart tech latest technology makes a unique robotic dog.


  • We did not find any.

Dot Creative Kit Robot By Wonder Workshop

Best robot toys for 6 year olds

Indeed, playing with a dot creativity kit robot is a smart toy to explore and entertain. It is a speedy and quirky robot to play with adventure. This Wonder Workshop dot creative toy installed with multiple sensors as loaded with the latest technology.

This interactive robotic toy comes with 20 project cards to play different games. The dot robot toy enables kids to play games like duck-duck-goose or hot-dotato etc. It is a considerable playful toy that helps in children’s learning and development.

Your kids can easily customize this dot robot toy with stickers and costumes with the matching story. It is packed with additional accessories to construct it into a mood lamp that changes colors. Kids can also personalize this dot robot as sentry to guard against intruders.

The dot clever toy is easily compatible with iOS, Android, and Kindle mobile devices that make it worth a smart, playful item. It is even a 2017 parents’ choice Gold award winner toy that is suitable for kids of 6 years and up.


  • Dot clever toy enables kids to play for hours.
  • Gold award winner robotic toy, with 20 projects cards.
  • It brings creativity and fun for children.
  • It can be a mood lamp that changes color.
  • Smart tech interactive toy that is compatible with smart devices like iOS, Android, and Kindle.
  • Playful toy for 6-10 years.
  • Installed with one lithium-ion battery.
  • Packed with attachable stand, two-building bricks, 20 project cards, ten costumes, 1-case, 1-mood lamp.
  • It comes with 100 stickers, multiple projects, and a charging cable.


  • For dot movement, you need to buy dot-dash separately.

Makeblock Codey Robot Toy

Best robot toys for 6 year olds

Picking up this Makeblock Rocky Robot is a worth useful choice to engage kids with interactive playtime. This particular Codey robot is a high tech playing thing that delivers fun and adventure for children. It is a reliable fun toy, that is advancely programmed to learn with great entertainment.

Kids can control this Codey robot with remote as installed with sensors. This fun toy is even an ideal gifting item for children to explore AI, Python, and STEM education within brilliant learning skills. It is simple as compatible with windows, mac, OS, iOS, and Android.

This Makeblock Codey Robot Toy is suitable for children age six years and up. However, what makes it unique is no assembly and batteries requirement, as just ready to play gaming gear. The installation of program games, different movements, songs, and actions gives more fun and enjoyable moments. It is pre-installed with ten simple programmable electric sensors providing more excitement and curiosity.

Playing with this Codey Rocky Programmable Robot is really fascinating for kids to get amuse for hours. In-build infrared receiver, LED display, light and voice sensors, speakers, and gyroscope amuses children. The gaming device runs over the Wi-Fi connectivity to send and receive data information. It even enables to create IoT weather reports as well.


  • Kids can personalize their own code, making them smart with AI and IoT.
  • Easy learning to programs and codes such as python.
  • Suitable robotic toy for children for six years and up.
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, OS, iOS, and Android.
  • Installed with Led display, voice, and sound sensors.
  • Advanced packed speakers, gyroscope, and an infrared receiver.
  • It comes with a ten-programmable electric sensor.
  • Uses Wi-Fi instead of the battery.


  • We did not find any.

Bit Coding Robot Toy

Best robot toys for 6 year olds

Playing with Ozobot robotic toy is really full of excitement for kids to learn and develop interactive skills. This is a pocket-size bot building robot that comes with pre-installed beginner coding. It enables children to build STEAM skills, never needs complex assembling. Just ready to roll and play with two different ways to code.

This Bit Coding Robot Toy comes with color codes that help children to stoke screen-free coding while drawing. It even installed with advanced online OzoBlocky program to edit, drag, and drop creativity. The unique in-built features such as optical sensors, LED light, durable polycarbonate shell. It even offers an online activity library for entertaining kids with educational development.

This Bit decoding robotic toy is an award-winning playing gear as won KAPi’s Best Robot Toy, Mom’s Choice Award. The toy even listed as Popular Mechanics Toy Award, Popular Science Best of Toy Faur, CES Editor’s choice, and more. It is an endless fun toy for encouraging kids skills to a high learning level.


  • Kids can easily code with colors for endless fun and skill level development.
  • Smart robot toy for children of 6 years and up.
  • STEAM skills offer DIY stickers, skins, color code markers, and 25 interactive activity games.
  • Installed with optical sensors, LED light, and polycarbonate shell, making it worth playful toy.
  • Best robot toy for future artists, engineers, and entrepreneurs as packed with advanced programmable codes.
  • Uses one lithium-polymer battery with USB charging and OzoBlocky Program.


  • We did not find any.

The Significant Buyer’s Guide To Pick The Best Robot Toys For 6 Years Old Children

Take it seriously while picking up the robotic toys for kids, especially at the age of mind development. It is necessary to buy educational toys for children to boost personality and learning levels with exceptional brilliance.

Below we have highlighted some of the selective parameters for parents to know before buying the best robot toys for their six-year-old children.

1. Age Recommendation

Kids can easily get bored with toys, so while selecting a playful item for them, do check the mentioned age aspect. The selection of toys according to age recommendation helps them to entertain and engage them for a longer period. Children with six years old are skill-developing age for mind and personality, so educational and smart toys are brilliant choices.

2. Advanced Functions

Installation of smart tech and the latest functions can delight kids. Buying robotic toys helps them to have fun and learning together. It enables children to know smart tricks and skills for more excitement and interest. However, advanced features build their capability to handle playful challenges. Installation of STEM skills, coding, and programs, fun car activities bring more skillfulness.

3. Material Of The Toy

The durability of the robot toy is also important as it ensures safety, which is a considerable aspect. Moreover, the material used in the manufacturing of toys such be non-toxic, perfectly finished, and reliable.

4. Price Is Major

It is just wasteful then worth it if you buy an expensive robot toy for kids that is less advanced or even not suitable for the child’s age. Bot robots, etc. are quite affordable for parents from many available models in the toy market. If you are struggling to buy robot toy, then start from the basic designs of such toys, then later can pick little more advanced versions.

Keeping your child’s interest and excitement is worth more than what toy exactly costs. If you are buying a toy that needs battery or charging, do check all required aspects such as repairing, warranty, and replacing if damaged or broken.

Other Considerable Points To Know Before Buying Robot Toys For Kids

  1. The educational value of the toy to help in a child’s skills and learning development.
  2. Smart and intelligent functions ensure no overspending on robot toys.
  3. Hightech connectivity, as some rely on batteries, and others on just Wi-Fi connecting modes.
  4. Design, shape, and size play a critical role in making kids entertain for a longer span.


There are expensive robotic toys that are fully advanced and smart, delivering educational skills and learning. But still picking the right robot toy is quite a tricky task for parents, especially for those who are a beginner in selecting such toys.

To lower the risk of unnecessary investment, our latest reviewing about the best robot toys for 6 year old will help the. However, our detailed buyer’s guide will also crucially enable them for wise decisions while choosing the robotic playful item.

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